Coffee Review Twisted Pepper Dublin

As I am living in Dublin at the moment I asked several people who are passionate about coffee where the best coffee in town is served. I heard a lot of different places such as the Sacha Café on Drury Street or the Twisted Pepper. As I was curious so I tried both. First we went to the Twisted Pepper and ordered a coffee set, which is the combination of a cappuccino and an espresso shot. I chose a cappuccino with a sweet and earthy flavour, from Nicaragua. This cappuccino was nicely served and tasted even better. The taste was smooth, even thought I chose an earthy flavour.

3fe coffee in the twisted pepper dublin

3fe coffee in the twisted pepper dublin

The foam was very creamy and I enjoyed drinking the cappuccino a lot. After the first half of my cappuccino I had the espresso shot, which was very strong and good as well. I would say that this was one of the most intensive coffee tastes I have ever had. It was really nice, but the small cup of espresso was enough, due to the intense flavour- so perfect for an espresso. Afterwards, I had the rest of the cappuccino and even if I do not drink cappuccino on a regular basis, this was another great coffee experience. Generally speaking, the atmosphere of the Twisted Pepper was nice and the food, which we ordered as well, was awesome on top of that. In a nutshell:  A place, which I can really recommend if you are in Dublin. After I talked to one of the Barista he recommended 3FE coffee, which is important from different countries all over the world.

The second coffee was a latte at Sacha near Temple Bar. Here I had a latte to-go with beans from El Molino Beans from El Salvador. The taste was explained as “floral & nutty aroma with caramel & chocolate dark fruits in a cup”. I have to admit that I did not taste this fancy mixture but it was a good coffee as well. The atmosphere was not as spectacular as in the Twisted Pepper as it is located directly beside a car park entrance.

Both places are recommendable and both serve good coffee. If you are on the way and would like to have a coffee and you want to know where the beans are coming from you can profit from the huge variation in Sacha Café. If you want to sit down and eat good and affordable food to your coffee I would suggest going to the Twisted Pepper.

You can see all pictures of this caffeine rich day on my Instagram profile.


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